I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall a time I have ever heard anyone say ‘I just have too many cupboard and too much storage space.’ It’s far more likely that you will hear the exact opposite.

Storage is a hot commodity in homes these days. With growing families everyone seems to just be getting more stuff, only to find they have nowhere to put it all.

So, with that in mind, here are 6 ways you can add more storage into your home.

1. Create storage in your loft

The space in your loft is ideal for creating extra storage. If you haven’t yet converted or utilised the space, then you are missing out on a prime storage opportunity. After all, the loft is a void pretty much the same size of your house.

For years the humble loft has been demoted to an unused space for dumping old toys and Christmas decorations. But you could be making a lot more use of the free space up there.

Lay boards for flooring

 You don’t have to do anything too extravagant to create useful storage in your loft space. A very simple starting off point would be to lay boards over the joists and create a usable space. Boarding your loft will ensure it is safe and stable for you to move around in and store your belongings.

The joists in older houses may not be high enough to lay boards along with the recommended depth of insulation (270mm). If this is the case, you can buy kits which lift the level of the floor. Do not compress your insulation!

Once you have your boards laid you can construct your storage. Choose simple shelving units to keep the space neat and tidy whilst making sure everything stored in the loft is easy to reach. It’s a good idea to keep everything in boxes so they are easy to stack, and also protected from dust.

Make sure it’s accessible

 The easier it is to access your storage space in the loft, the more likely it is that you will use it. Our top tips for making sure it is accessible:

  • Make sure the loft hatch is big enough to get your bits and pieces up and down easily.
  • Ensure you have a good, sturdy ladder. Loft ladders are a great option. They attach to the hatch door and fold down when you need to gain access. It saves you finding extra storage for a standard ladder!
  • You need to be able to see what you are doing, lofts aren’t known for being light airy spaces. Add in a couple of lights or even a sun tunnel to flood the area with light. It could just save you a banged head or two!

2. Convert the space under the stairs

 The cupboard under the stairs is a great space, which when used well, makes for fab storage. It’s most commonly used for hanging coats and dumping shoes which can become a bit of a jumbled nightmare.

With some careful and clever planning you could make a storage space that is functional and tidy. As people strive for more storage within their homes, an abundance of under stair storage solutions have become available. You can buy shelving racks, cupboards or even sliding drawers to make the most of the space under your stairs.

If a pre-made solution isn’t going to work for you, how about building bespoke shelving or cupboards? It could be as minimal or fitted out as you like. Try lining the walls with boxes to act as a shoe rack. Adding two rows of hooks or rails for coats and scarves to be neatly hung will make use of the full height of the wall.

Match the storage to your room

Think about which room the under-stair space is accessible from. While coat and shoe storage is ideal for a hallway it may not work as well should your stairs be in the living room.

If your stairs are in your living room or study, you could transform the free space into open shelving. You could also pop a couple of cupboards at the bottom for bits you would rather keep out of sight. Building into the space under your stairs means shelves and cupboards won’t stick out into the room and take up more valuable space.

Do your stairs back onto your kitchen? How about turning the cupboard space into a pantry? Floor to ceiling food storage heaven! 

3. Add cupboard into your alcoves

 Lots of houses have unused space in the form of alcoves, whether they are either side of your fireplace or in a corner of your kitchen. These areas lend themselves perfectly to built-in storage.

It could be as simple as popping up a few floating shelves for photos. Or how about having some bespoke cupboards built into the area? They could make a fantastic display case for your running medals or could neatly hide away your TV if you prefer a minimal look. 

4. Built in wardrobes

 Could you replace your free-standing wardrobes with a fitted option? By making use of your wall space from floor to ceiling you will be able to fit in far more storage. Mixing together shelving, rails and drawers could mean you can get rid of additional bulky furniture from your bedroom. Everything will be neatly hidden behind doors instead.

Add shelves and drawers at the sides and hang your clothes on double rails to maximise the space. If you still don’t have enough space in your wardrobes pop rails on the back of the doors for accessories (or get rid of some clothes, you may have too many!)

5. Add a mezzanine level

If you have particularly high ceilings in your home, you can even make the most of this empty space. A mezzanine level could be a great option fitted out with shelving or cupboards for storage. You could turn it into your very own personal library or a den for keeping your teenagers out of trouble!

6. Build shelving around door frames

Some simple, minimalist shelving added around interior doors could become a great spot for storing books or your prized possessions. It will make a fab feature of your doorway too.

Build a simple unit matching the shape of the door frame or go crazy and cover the whole wall! After all, you have a lot of stuff, right? That’s why you’re adding the shelving in the first place.

Call in the professionals

Most of these jobs could be completed by a confident DIYer over a rainy weekend. We would always recommend getting a builder in if you’re not confident or simply don’t have the time or inclination! Imagine putting in all that time and effort to max out your home’s storage only for it to fall apart a week later.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to help find a storage solution for your home. Don’t move, improve!