With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan a summer building project or a spot of home maintenance. It’s always easier to complete a project when you don’t have to worry about protecting half-completed work from frost. And it’s also much more pleasant to do the work if you can enjoy the sun whilst you do it! Here are a few ideas to get you motivated…

  • Build a brick barbecue

A great DIY project, and one which, if you get it done now, you can enjoy all summer – weather-permitting! We’ve written some step-by-step instructions on how to build a brick BBQ in a previous article.

  • Add a gutter to your shed

If you have a shed and you also have a garden to water, you’re really missing out if you don’t have a gutter on your shed. You can collect all the rain run-off in a water butt for easy – and free – summer watering. We’ve found this handy guide on how to put up shed guttering.

  • Repair cracks in your concrete

If you have concrete paving or steps on your property, it’s likely to suffer from cracking from time to time. It’s good to tackle this in the summer months to prevent the winter-weather making the problem worse. To repair large cracks, chip away the damaged area to a depth of around 15mm, brush away any dust or debris and paint the hole with PVA adhesive (follow the manufacturer’s instructions). When the PVA is tacky, fill the area with concrete repair filler mix, cover and leave to harden for three days.

If your crack is less than 5mm wide, you can fill it using dedicated jointing compound or resin, available from good DIY stores.

  • Build a brick wall

Want to give your garden a bit of an overhaul? Building a low decorative wall can be a great way to add some interest or separate different areas of your garden. We’ve written an article in the past with tips on how to build a brick wall.

  • Build a fire pit

Let’s face it, the temperature tends to drop pretty quickly in the evenings here in the UK, even in the summer. A fire pit is a great way to extend your entertaining. You can buy self-contained fire pits which are perfect choice if you might want to move your fire pit around. But if you want a more permanent structure, why not have a go at building one? We’ve found this comprehensive guide to building a backyard fire pit.

  • Build a pergola

Pergolas come in various shapes and sizes, from a small archway to a large canopy for sitting under. They can be a beautiful addition to the garden if you can encourage climbing plants to spread over them, providing a nice shady spot.

You can buy pergolas in kits, or flat-pack form. Or you can build your own to whichever size you require. B&Q have a handy step-by-step guide on how to build a pergola.

  • Lay a garden path

Laying a garden path could be one of those jobs that you’ve been meaning to do, but keep putting off because you’re not sure where to start. Make this the summer you get it ticked off your list – you’ll be glad you did! There’s a great article on the Wickes website which covers concrete slab paths, gravel paths and block paving.

  • Repair your roof

Summer is the perfect time to give your roof the once-over. Maintaining your roof is very worthwhile. You’ll save money in the long run by heading off any problems before they need a costly repair job. An earlier article we wrote covers a series of 10 winter roof checks which you can carry out over the summer.