What is permitted development?

Permitted development is a national grant of planning permission. It allows for smaller developments to be made to your home without the need for a planning application. If you are planning on improving your home, you could save time and money by amending your plans to ensure the work falls under permitted development rights. [...]

Converting old buildings into homes

We’ve probably all seen shows on television where enterprising people have turned an old church, factory, shipping container or whatever into a stunning home. They usually go over budget and they often encounter problems along the way. But their renovation projects prove that breathing new life into old spaces can be a wonderful way to [...]

A quick guide to planning permission

What is planning permission? Planning permission is the formal permission from your local authority for you to carry out building or renovation work on your land or property. Planning permissions will be granted, subject to certain conditions, or refused. When do I need planning permission? You’ll probably need planning permission if you want to: Build [...]

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