Architects, structural engineers and building surveyors – who does what?

When you decide to get some building work done, whether it’s a renovation to your existing house, or building a brand new home, there are various professionals that you might need to call on for help. You’ve probably heard of architects, structural engineers and building surveyors, but who does what exactly? And do you need [...]

Barn Conversions: What you need to think about

Why are barn conversions so popular? With a bit of imagination, a barn conversion can be a great way to achieve a very beautiful, unique home. Barn conversions can give you access to idyllic rural settings where you’d never get planning permission for a new build. That means they don’t come up for grabs too [...]

A quick guide to planning permission

What is planning permission? Planning permission is the formal permission from your local authority for you to carry out building or renovation work on your land or property. Planning permissions will be granted, subject to certain conditions, or refused. When do I need planning permission? You’ll probably need planning permission if you want to: Build [...]

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