Do you suffer from creaky stairs?

You may need to fit a new staircase if your current one threatens to cave in every time you run up to bed. Or maybe you’re renovating your house and the current staircase doesn’t quite fit in with the overall look anymore.

How easy is it to have your staircase replaced?

The complexity of getting a new staircase fitted varies depending on the style you’re after. Replacing a straight flight of stairs with another straight flight of stairs is relatively simple. It gets a little more complex if you’re after a winding staircase, bespoke design or brand-new staircase up to a loft conversation, for example.

There are a number of specific regulations that need to be followed when a new staircase is fitted. These regulations cover technical specifications. They are in place to ensure safety and comfort.

These regulations include:

  • The minimum depth of step must be 220mm
  • The height of each step should be between 190mm and 220mm
  • The standard recommended width is 850mm
  • The headroom on the landing should be at least 2m or 1.9m for loft conversions
  • The pitch of the stairs should not exceed 42°, otherwise it will be too steep
  • Straight flights of stairs should have no more than 36 steps. If there are more than 36 steps a change of direction is needed of at least 30°
  • If the staircase is less than 1m wide there needs to be 1 handrail. If the staircase is wider, there should be 2 handrails
  • The minimum height of the hand rail should be 90cm. Spindles should be no more than 10cm apart. There is no need to have a handrail covering the bottom two steps of the staircase.

If you are planning on fitting a new staircase up to a loft conversion, or are radically changing the layout of your staircase, you will need to contact your local building authority. They will need to come to check work meets the regulations and then sign it off. You can expect to pay around £400 for this service.

If you’re unsure if your new set of stairs would require checking by the local authority, give them a call and get some advice.

How much will a new staircase cost?

Fitting a new staircase

The cost of your new staircase is going to vary depending on the style and material you choose. Below is a rough guide outlining some prices.

Material – Soft Wood Material – Ash or Oak Hardwood
Straight From £380 From £1,100
Single Winder From £510 From £1,375
Double Winder From £660 From £1,725
Quarter Landing From £425 From £1,250
Half Landing From £510 From £1,600
Triple Winder From £785 From £1,875
Z Shape From £799 From £2,075
Straight Mid Landing From £500 From £1,700
Double Landing From £500 From £1,600

These prices are for the basic fitting of the staircase (excluding VAT). Fittings and finishes you choose could push up the price. For example, a traditional staircase with ball caps, Georgian spindles and turned posts could add 10% or more to the overall cost.


Don’t forget to also factor in installation costs. A straight staircase MAY be able to be fitted by a very accomplished and confident DIYer, but we would always recommend calling in a professional.

There are a few factors that are going to influence the price charged for fitting a new staircase; access, scale and complexity. Staircases fitted on higher floors are going to cost more money to fit that those on lower levels for example.

You can expect it to take a few days to fit your new stairs. On average, the cost for labour over this time frame could be between £400 and £600.

Within their charges, a good professional will include the measuring, building, installation and removing and disposing of your old staircase. Always make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you get your staircase job priced up. 

I don’t need a new staircase, it just needs updating

Sometimes a squeaky stair can easily be fixed and doesn’t need replacing. Take a look under the stairs and see if any of the wedges that hold the tread and risers in place have become loose. If they have, grab a hammer and have a go and banging them back in place (or replace the edges if necessary).

If you are getting a lot of squeaking around the nails, replace them with a screw. This will give a firmer hold.  

If your stairs are still in fairly good nick, you may just need to give your staircase a bit of a facelift. Consider painting your stairs or fit them with a new carpet for a simple and budget-friendly way to freshen the look of your staircase.

Alternatively replace the handrail and install new spindles or swap to sheet glass for a modern and open feel.

Please note: costs are general estimates at the time of publication (December 2018) and should not be relied upon to plan your project.